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Pegamento Yaxun Y-7000 (110ml) Ver más grande

Pegamento Yaxun Y-7000 (110ml)


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Ideal para Tecnicos de Celulares, Esta herramienta pegamento Y-7000 ideal para el sellado del cristal panel digital pantalla táctil de tu dispositivo smartphone, tablet.

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Herramienta profesional para el sellado de pantallas digitales táctiles modelo Y-7000 de 110ml

Technical data
Appearance:transparent viscous solution
Solid content: 28%-32%
After curing hardness: 65-80-a
The surface curing time: 3 minutes
Completely cure time: 24-48 hours
Product storage: in 10 degrees to 30 degrees
Method of use
1.before using to please read the product description is introduced in detail
2.in front of the large area is used,please first do a small area of the experiment
3.please make sure the pasted object surface clean and dry
4.this product is the best temperature is between 18 to 32 degrees
5.after each use of the product,please keep out of the gate of the clean
6.to wait for 3 to 6 minutes after sizing will be pasted two objects for accurate fit a little pressure
7. 3 hours straight,best paste strength after 48 hours
August ,please don't open the needle cap for a long time,to avoid the glue out of the gate.